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tv   Eyewitness News Morning Weekend  CBS  September 12, 2010 8:00am-9:00am EDT

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copping p next, police find two people dead inside a home. why neighbors say the discovery was difficult. remembering 9/11, nine years later people staid wide do their part. and running for the privilege of running the count. pat warren coming up. find out what the last minute plans are for candidates in the democratic primary for baltimore county executive. baltimore turns back the
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clock to celebrate the city's oldest holiday. i'm taking live look outside, some heavy showers moved through last night. will the rest of the day be a wash out. tim williams has the answer for you. eyewitness news sunday morning starts now. good morning. welcome to eyewitness news. >> i'm tim williams. it's the 12th day of the month. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> it may move through the evening, it is really starting to make its way off into the eastern shore and really after its gone it is gone.
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your forecast looks like for the day. starting off with temperatures in the 60s. we'll see a daytime high back into the low 70s. we'll see scattered showers throughout the day. they'll get lighter. we have your complete updated in just a moment. we have some breaking news to tell you about where -- out of baltimore where a truck jackknifed a tractor-trailer, that is, causing a big back up on i-95. you can you can see the emergency crews on the scene. the southbound lane is completely blocked at this point. just before 7:00 this morning that tractor-trailer jackknifed at caton avenue and then spilled fuel on the road. the fuel has been cleaned up. we'll continue to follow this story as it develops and brings you more information about this. a massive fire engulfed a home early this morning. the fire started around 4:00 this morning in 3400 block near
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druid hills block. it started in an unoccupied 3 story home and then spread from there. >> firefighters say everyone made it out of that home uninjured. the fire is right now under control but crews are staying on the scene to prevent any more flair-ups. a grew some discovery, police found two people dead inside a town home there. investigators say neighbors in the community heard gunshots late last night and suzanne collins reports police are trying to determine the motive. >> reporter: the difficult part of this crime is apparently it was children who first learned about these killings and then told an adult to call 911. police crowd the cul-de-sac of town homes just a few blocks off main street. two bodies are discovered
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inside this unit, police say it's clear they suffered from traumatic injuries. >> we got a 911 call around 6:00 and the neighbor here in this area reported that a child had come to her home and said that it looked like that there were people who were injured or even worse inside the home. >> reporter: neighbors say the shots rang out around 6:00 p.m. on saturday and the couple lived with three children. they say those children were outside playing with others. >> my son came home saying to my husband that the kids heard two gunshots, i think. and that some kids coming out from the house crying saying that the mommy and daddy are killed. >> reporter: police are not confirming the identity of the bodies. >> right now we're not seeing any signs of forced entry. we do have a weapon on the location, we're not 100% sure what we've got it's so early in the investigation. >> parents say they're concerned the children may be
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traumatized. they were so close when the time occurred. it may have been children who discofferred it. >> i was sitting on the porch and my niece and nephew ran up it's blood ran up and the guy told them to get away from the house. >> reporter: autopsy is trying to determine if this was a shooting. and they're continuing to see if it was a murder suicide. back to you on tv hill. >> some neighbors say they ask the elementary school to offer the children counseling. at new york's ground zero, family friend and political leaders pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 vehicles in manhattan, dc and pennsylvania. here in maryland several memorials were held to honor
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the lives lost including one special ceremony. every symbol at this ceremony in baltimore county has a special meaning. they all honored the lives of 11 american soldiers killed in the war on terror. >> they were important because they loved all of us enough to sacrifice their love. >> reporter: this ceremony comes on the 9th anniversary on the 9/11 terror attack. for a brief moment each soldier was remember. their names read allowed. and an id tag played. >> kenneth cropper died 20 march 2002. >> it remind me how my life has hanged. >> reporter: his unit was activated on the night of the
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september 11 attack. >> heart ache that we face daily even goes after eight years i don't think everyone fully understands that. >> reporter: this ceremony is support for families still grieving and soldiers so far away. >> we still have a loot of work -- lot of work to do and we have a lot of people still serving in harm's way and i pray we don't lose too many more. >> ceremonies a florida pastor continues to stir up controversy. jones threatened to burn the koran over plans to build a muslim center. activist on both sides of the issues staged rallies near the site. we are following a developing story out of iran. one of three americans accused of spying in that country a year ago will soon be freed on bail. they were detained after they crossed the border on a hiking
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trip. a prosecutor in iran said she would be released on bail and will be free to leave the country earlier this week. closer to home we're two dares afrom the primary elections big attention grabber as the baltimore county. two county councilman dominate the race. pat warren has more on this critical weekend. >> look for county executive -- under the jfx. the area of farmers sales produce here. this weekend he'll be selling boaters on his candidacy -- selling voters on his candidacy. >> i'm not running against anybody. >> that's figuratively speaking because the campaign signs certainly say otherwise. not to mention the battle played out in hundreds of thousands of living room with tv campaign ads that compare records and personality. >> i'm calling on behalf of
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kevin -- he's raised more money and just as hard as the ore other candidate. >> you've got 96 hours to go. we're down to counting hours. >> reporter: the six days of early voting that ended yesterday added a lot to that campaign time. >> streams it out of almost a week of agony. and what i'm hope asking that in the end that it proves this, that we're not voting the same amount of people and spreading them out over more days, but we're moving more -- we're voting more people. >> it was new to all the candidates to figure out how we play this. we wound up having to put a lot of poll workers at the precincts. what we found you really have the opportunity for some individual attention. >> reporter: candidates have gained strong endorsements. >> i don't worry about who is underdog or favorite. the voters on election day
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they'll decide that. >> reporter: the winner does have a republican challenger, but this is one of those maryland races where party has distinct advantage. i'm pat warren now back to you on television hill. >> thank you, pat. stay with us for complete coverage of campaign 2010. for the latest poll results and updated information, log on to our website. turning thank you to sports two local teams match up morgan state university making the short trip to college park to take on the turf. torrey smith gives had had m.d. the lead with short touchdown grab. the bears just could not hang with the turfs on offense, defense or special teams. maryland went on to win this one, 62-3. they head to morgan town west virginia next week. morgan state university tries to regroup at north dakota next week as well.
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don't forget the ravens kick off their regular season in just one day. live right here on wjz13, the ravens head to the meadow lands to take on new york jets. our special coverage kicks off at 6:30 right here on wjz13. good day. hopefully weather wise. i was going to say good day with the rain or without? >> i think it will be a good day without. we're getting this done early. it's moving out of here. what we have is the ughiest this day will be. r the rain is moving right across the area it's a front that's bringing it to us. yes you will need your wipers an the headlights. the rain had progressively moved west to east right across the state.
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what we're seeing is the trailing edge of the system. i'll open it up and give you an idea on how the system and i'll change the view here so you can see the bigger portion of it and where it extends. right on up along the eastern seaboard. we have some lightning embedded in this. we did hear some of that early this morning. for us, it's for new york, which is of course the sign to have the u.s. open as well which you can see here on cbs, this is the line. keeps on moving after it does drier air moves in we have a pretty decent evening and a very nice week ahead. let's take a look at our temperatures, temperature at vwi. when those two numbers match up with the air is saturated we have 100% relative humility. and east wind at 5 miles per hour and 29.98 and falling is your barometer reading with low pressure dominating right now. 61 in haeckers town.
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63 down on the shore. 64 in packs river and in d.c. the suburbs down around pg experiencing a 5-mile miles per hour from the outside. so this system not really bringing with it too much of gusty wind. not a lot of heavy winds. it's going to be moving on out of here. light winds out there right now. we do need all of this rain. we are approaching about an inch and three quarters below our average for the year right now. while this won't make that kind of a dent in it. it will take away all of the fire hazards that we've had over the last week or so with the dry air and the winds. we've got the potential for fire dangers about every day. this will at least moisten the ground. drier air moves on here. with the dry air comes a good bid of sunshine. we have another stretch like we did last week with temperatures in the 70s. dry air stays with us right on through the next five days and that means pretty delightful
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forecast ahead. category 4 storm making it a major hurricane. that will be by the end of the week. still not expected to impact any land interest at least not through that time. we will keep you posted. your sun set today is at 7:20. we're going today to 72 degrees, rather cloudy with showers around not quite as warm as yesterday. 57 tonight. clearing with showers around early and then some fog by morning then the sun comes right back. 81 degrees for the next five days, 80 on tuesday, 72 back up to 82 with a chance of showers by the weekends, very brief event overnight lows down in the 60s. there's much more to come sunday morning deadly rampage, six people are killed in kentucky mobile home. why police say a man went on a rampage over his breakfast. china queue to pull where
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michael fell pes won eight gold metals has -- medals has gone a make over. the battle that inspired the national anthem that's when eye eyewitness news sunday morning continues. stay with us. we're back in a moment. ,,,,,,,,
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welcome back. taking a look at a pretty damp beltway with headlights and the shine on the road tell the story. we've had rain move across the region. thunderstorms early in the morning just after midnight and now the whole system is moving to our east. first morning live doppler radar show the storm really what we're seeing is the trailing edge this is the wettest we're going to be seeing some lingering showers throughout the morning, but for the most part the afternoon starts to clear out. we'll see clearing early and then some fog in the overnight hours, the rain is going to progressively get lighter and lighter as we move through the 60s. daytime of 72.
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complete five day morning forecast is coming up. first back to some of the other stories people will be talking about today. six people in kentucky are dead this morning. police say it started because a man was unhappy with the way his wife cooked his egg -- eggs. neighbors in a mobile home park say he stormed out of his trailer with a 12 gauge shotgun. police say niece killed his wife, stepdaughter and three neighbors before then taking his own life. one of the victims was shot in front of her 7-year-old daughter according to police. china is trance forming the site of michael fell pes biggest triumph attraction. two years ago he won eight gold medals. the cube has been converted into the largest indoor water park. it has a wave pool, tons of slides. and even a stage. the name of the facility is beijing happy magic water park. one of baltimore's biggest claim to claim was the bat f op
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of fort mchenry. >> we celebrate that moment with defenders day and ranger vince vase is joining us now this morning. he is is a park ranger. he joins us now with more on the weekend celebration and ranger you're wearing many hats today, huh? >> reporter: this is our. >> -- >> this is second war with british. so hence the type of hat, it's set by the french. >> then what is defender's day, this is one of our oldest holidays here in baltimore. >> it is the oldest holiday and state holiday since 1908 it's been commemorated ever since the battle since 1814. it commemorates the star spangle battle. >> do you find as many people are surprised that baltimore has this level of history fort
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mchenry, the star bangle battle. what do you find the most exciting things to explain to visitors. >> it's when the lightbulb come off like people are going to be coming here today we're doing to have drum demonstration, all kind of stuff and parades. but people they love the american flag. they know the star bangle banner but they don't always associate it with a place. it does -- they vote those -- both those symbols come together at this pacific place. and when people say, wow, it happened here. there's people that don't even live in baltimore and counties that don't know that. when they come they didn't know we had all this history in our own backyard. so close. >> what's one little known fact that many people including baltimoreians don't know? >> actually it was raining. there was a smaller flag on the pole during the night of the battle. but the morning after when the sun came up, the flag was
8:22 am
changed, so the huge flag did fly, for instance, he did see it. but it flew just as the battle ended. i like to say, the modern day, the national anthem might be one word "yes. >> the ranger, i can tell you that the weather is going to get better for you, so we want to encourage folk to come out. we have the emergency up on the screen. today it's going on from 8:00 to 3:00 p.m. coming up on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> reporter: a name change for a cultural institution in baltimore city, the lyric no longer, find out whose name longer, find out whose name will now be on ññññññññññññññññçñ
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the lyric opera house is cult institution that opened 1894 now it's about to be called something else. >> the new name for the lyric is one we all any very very well. >> this belongs to you. >> reporter: art is known as the man who brought football back to baltimore, now the former ravens owner will be known as the man who helped bring the lyric opera house back to house.
8:26 am
they're donating $3.5 million to the institution. it is one of the largest gifts on record to a cultural institution in baltimore city. >> i said it's got to be kept alive and, you know, you can't have a city with two much entertainment, but good entertainment. >> i thought this would be a nice way to perpetuate. >> the lyric will be renamed the patricia and arthur no dell performing center. it will allow the theater to finish renovations already underway, including expanding the height and depth of the stage and replacing the sandbag system that lowers and races screenly with a more modern position. >> it will be in a position to bring grand opera to a more consistent manner, as well as musicals, concerts and various programs and that have trouble fitting into the whole currently. >> with an auction last year,
8:27 am
the lyric bid good-bye opera company, but with the no dell's gift and funding from others, opera will be back on the stage next fall. there these popular will grace the stage of the new model performing arts center. >> if you're insisting on names, you don't need your name on anything because because you want to. it said i could keep the theater going. that's the important thing and we both feel that way. >> patricia model is a former actress. >> the lyric will be renamed during an official ceremony on september 21st, so just about a week. >> look for a new name. >> oh, yeah. >> a lot of letters. that's a lot of letters. it's still much more to come on eyewitness news sunday morning. >> prosecutors say this man went on a vinn debt that after being fired inserting porn into a presentation by his former
8:28 am
ceo. i'm mike schuh this story next. five people are still missing after a massive explosion. we'll have the details of the search and investigation into the cause of the blast. the burr bs are flying high. do they continue their hot streak against the tigers, find out on eyewitness news sunday morning ,,,,,,
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it's wjz, maryland's news station. welcome back to eyewitness news sunday morning i'm gigi barnett. >> we're looking at a pretty damp start and foggy start too. it's going to turn out to be a pretty decent start. you may have heard some thunder early on. what you're seeing here is the tail end of the system. we'll see some scattered showers but most of the rain has moved east of the beltway and now the state is starting to dry out but this system is going to take a little while to pull out that moisture out with it. starting off with temperatures in the low 60s and upper 50s. daytime highs hit the low 70s. then we look for some fog heading into tomorrow morning. we'll have complete update coming up in just a few moments. here is what people are talking about. we are still following that breaking news out of baltimore
8:32 am
where jackknifed tractor- trailer is causing problems. it's still completely blocked. just before 7:00 this morning that tractor-trailer jackknifed and spilled fuel on the road. the fuel has been contained but hazmat crews are on the scene for clean up. and we are also following another breaking story out of baltimore city where a massive fire engulfed a home early this morning. investigators say the blaze began around 4:00 in the 3400 block near druid hills park. firefighter say it started in unoccupied 3 story home and then spread. crews have managed to put the fire out but they remain on the scene and we've ear told no one was injured. police are looking for answers after two bodies were found. neighbors say they heard gunshots last night on bonny bridge place near main street. detectives found two people inside with severe injuries, but they aren't sure exactly
8:33 am
how or why the victims were killed. several children apparently discovered the beside first and then got adults to call 911. >> my son came home saying to my husband that the kids heard two, i think, two gunshots and that some kid coming out from the house cry. >> my niece and nephew ran up like it's gun everywhere and the guy told them to get away from the house. >> right now police aren't confirming the identitities of the victim. the employee at one baltimore company facing charges. they say he sabotaged power point presentation. mike schuh explains what happened when the suspect faced a judge. >> reporter: baltimore substance abuse systems takes up the 16th floor. it's the main drug referral authority for the city. walter powell used to work there, late last year he was
8:34 am
fired for poor performance. >> charging documents indicate he was the stop information technology person at the company. he had access to all of the company's computers it is alleged he -- put key logging software on some computer, that program records everything that is typed into the computer. with that information he was able to gain the private pass words of at least five employees. >> strange e-mails started appearing. then the ceo of the company greg warren gave a computer presentation with a large screen projector. it's alleged powell took off causing his computer to display graphic images during the presentation. the company called police suggesting they take a look at powell. >> once it was learned that somebody was hacking into the system, investigation ensued he was identified as a suspect. >> reporter: when they raided his home they not only seized
8:35 am
computers, but illegal weapons and silencers, which muffle the sound of gunshot, those items led to a federal indictment. now he's been charged with one count of unauthorized of computer access, four counts of unauthorized computer access and five counts of unauthorized possession of computer pass codes. he's urn going regular mental health treatment and other than the federal charges does not have any prior arrest. the judge orders him release, bfas and continues his federal monitoring of his wear house. mike schuh wjj news. in information this morning in the search of prisoner who escaped custody in baltimore city, 32-year-old paul palmer is accused of stabbing sometimes four times last month. it happened just as officer were taking him to central
8:36 am
booking. detectives say they believe palmer may be head together washington, d.c. or west virginia. police say he may be traveling with a woman in a 2008 kia spectra with maryland license tags iewb10. palmer is considered dangerous and police urge anyone with information to call 911. we're continuing to follow a breaking story out of iran. one of three u.s. citizens held in that country for a year may soon be on her way home. sarah should was one of three prisoners when they crossed the border from iraq to iran on a hiking trip. prosecutors in iran said today that she will be released on half million dollars bail because of health problemsful she should be able to return home early this week. five people are still missing this morning two days after deadly gas explosion. at least four others are already confirmed dead. sandra hughes reports for wjz it may be days before the survivors can return to their
8:37 am
homes. >> reporter: two days after a natural gas explosion took out this neighborhood officials got an up close look at the devastation, a huge crater the size of a house. >> you see a beautiful neighborhood and a whole section of it that just almost disappeared. >> reporter: jessica morales was watching football with her boyfriend right before the explosion, he escaped, she didn't. >> we got a knock on the door from the coroner and the coroner was standing with two police officers. and at that moment i just knew it wasn't good. >> reporter: 37 homes were destroyed in the blast. the national transportation safety board is investigating the cause. >> the pipe was odor rised which means it had an odor in it and that again is part of our investigation to look into
8:38 am
these allegations that we heard that people were selling the pipe. >> reporter: this church seats 500. questions were submitted in writing most wanted to know when they can go home and is it safe. >> we will complete a survey today. >> reporter: nothing will be the same when they return. >> the whole block is gone. like our neighborhood is gone. >> reporter: according to to the senator, residents will eventually get answers even if it takes congressional hearing. >> that pipeline had been categorized as high risk before the blast because it ran through a heavily populated area. firefighters in colorado are making progress in their effort to put out a massive blaze that's been burning for a week. crews say they've been able to stop the fire from spreading and could have it completely contained by tomorrow. the fire erupted last monday and quickly destroyed more than 150 homes. about 1,000 people are under
8:39 am
evacuation orders so they hope to return home soon. drought conditions are causing a spike in wild fires. they've battled more than a dozen wild fires since september 3rd. the biggest, a 12-acre fire in cordiva. this fire has burned up 48 acres of land. the orioles are looking to build momentum as they continue to play spoiler this year. game 2 in detroit drives home two runs with this triple into the gap. they will score 5 in that inning. that was not all. orioles went on to win this one 5-3. they'll look to sweep the series against the tigers later this afternoon. the ravens kick off regular season in just one day live right here on wjz13. they head to meadow land to take on the new york jets our coverage kicks off at 6:30 right here on wjz13.
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go ravens. i wore purple today. >> well, you need to because we won't be on tomorrow. so you have to purple. >> it's really blue. purple is in your heart. >> it is in my heart. i bleed purple. of course now bringing the duck out they're not home. ducky has his ravens on. he's all set to go. >> even though we can't see him. >> in spirit. in spirit. we're looking at a pretty decent day for the ravens. it's going to be a really nice day, that's good. a night for monday night football. temperatures are going to be very football like. today, we'll get all of this rain out of here so we can progress with the weekend. we're taking a look with the trailing edge of the rain moving on through. some very very light rain. for the most part most of the rain has moved across moving west to east progressively. the last bit it will take a
8:41 am
little while to get out of here. the afternoon plans we'll start to see some clearing and improvement heading to the latter portion of the day. 63 degrees right now. our temperature vwi marshall dew point 63. we have 100% relatively humidity and east wind at 7 miles per hour. temperatures ranging from 55 and oakland to low to mid-60s. 64 in washington. and in pack river the two warmest spots on the map. the winds are a bit bearable is the low pressure kicking that moisture back off the water from the bay to the ocean. it's all just kind of coming back into our region. as the system continues to move on out of here, high pressure will build in with dryer air behind it. that stays with us for the rest of the week. what this will serve to do is get rid of the fire hazards we had over the week. we just talked about some of the brush fires we have 'seen.
8:42 am
this will moisten the ground enough that we'll get much of that. it will not make a dent in the deficit we had which was approaching about an inch and three quarters for the year. we'll still at least make a little bit of a head way into that, so, you know, we'll work on it a little at a time. the dry air stays with us. then we'll start to see sunshine and cooler conditions heading into the end of the week. we'll be keeping an eye on egor. it's going to be moving to the east -- actually i should say moving to the west and then a bit of a shift then we'll start to see as we head into friday, thursday into friday an intensification of this storm. it's going to strengthen. we expect it to become category 3 or 4 hour rain. right now 81 miles per hour sustained winds moving to the west 18 miles per hour. 7:20 is your sun set time, your next high tide is at 9:56 this
8:43 am
morning. southeast wind on the bay 5 to 10 knots. cloudy with showers around. we hit 78 on saturday. 57 tonight with clearing some fog by morning. mostly sunny and warmer 81 degrees which is just above our average for 80 for this day. 80 on tuesday, 76 on wednesday, 77 on thuds. back up to 82. overnight lows in the 50s. >> you said to open the windows last night. >> yes. >> i did that. >> it was like the best sleep ever. >> yeah, you know, natural air conditioning. >> you're like saving money too. >> still ahead, sunday morning, believe it or not the holiday season isn't that far away. we'll have everything you need to know to host the perfect party. a cameo appearance in our studio. first it's the star spangle celebration this weekend. we'll check back. all the details when we come back.
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my commute home to the eastern shore every night only takes an hour but that's more time than congress spends reading massive spending bills, it's crazy. that's why i wrote a law that requires 72 hours to read every bill. i read the big bills and i said no. no to the $3 trillion budget, no to the bank bailout, and no to the health care bill. at home you would never pay a bill without reading it neither should congress. i'm frank kratovil and i approve this message because i'm proud to be ranked one of the most independent members of congress. that says it all, wet outside at 63 degrees welcome back to eyewitness news sunday
8:47 am
morning. it is 8:46. well defender's day is baltimore's oldest holiday celebrating fort mchenry during the war of 1812. vince joins us live with more on how fort mchenry is commemorating. >> good morning. >> reporter: good morning. >> what is defender's day. >> it's the anniversary of successful defense of city of baltimore during the world of 1812 and writing of star spangle banner our national anthem. >> we see behind you part of what's going to be the entertainment today. explain to folks what's going to be out there. >> it doesn't make any difference what the weather is, we've got the fights and drums. we've got the cannon. it looks more historic, the cannons smoke, hangs around a lot longer and it's not too crowded so you can still get a good parking place and you can see everything. this weather is great.
8:48 am
>> i'm always -- because these are volunteers, the band behind you, i'm always so amazed at how many people it takes to get this reenactment together. >> it's literally assembling volunteer army like they did during the war of 1812. we've got people that came from virginia, from wisconsin, from new england all the different states come to get together to do this. this is our own home grown fort mchenry guard fight and drum core. >> we want to put the information. i tell folks the time and what they can expect when they come out. >> everything really ramps up at 10:00 with the opening dress parade and the flag change then at 11:00 we go into the cannon firing demonstration. well then -- we'll then have a fight for drum concert. 1:00 is another cannon firing demonstration, then 2:00 is another parade, kind of winding things down and then after that is a big flag where visitors
8:49 am
can hold a full size replica of the star spangled banner flag. i know you were saying a lot of people in baltimore who have never visited this is a good time to get out there and find out what baltimore is all about. >> it's right in our own backyard. you can come down here and enjoy it and still be home for dinner time. >> all right. then. >> thank you very much. reporting from fort mchenry this morning. >> all right. >> from 8:00 to 3:00. >> all of that information you can find on our website. you can see the telephone as number as well. there's much more coming on eyewitness news sunday morning. hosting home party -- parties can lead to a lot of stress. we'll tell you what you need to do to get ready ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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our studio is beautiful this morning. we're going to sit and eat at some point. maybe not. we're going to talk about catering. >> launching a new inhome catering service we're happy to hear that a lot of folks doing thing for the holiday season. what are your tips. >> it's really very easy. it shouldn't be overwhelming to you. my first tip is to keep it simple and elegant. you can walk into your backyard, pick some flowers go to your neighborhood florist, find a pretty vase or pot. throw something together, it works very well. >> so simple and elegant that's the very tip. >> you've got some really nice silver here and it says here, if they don't have this kind of
8:53 am
stuff -- >> then they call me. a lot of us do have these things sitting in our china cabinets and we'll -- i think you really need to use your best performance. you're inviting guest into your home. the home is where you want to be. you love your home. it's the most intimate place to bring your guest. so we've got -- treat your guest special. make them feel like family. >> the opportunity to bring out all those things you really don't use but once a year. >> what else do we do, what's the third. >> the other thing is pay attention to details, make sure that everything is lined up ahead of time. have a checklist, maybe you want to do napkin ring on your place setting. you may want to do a served meal or a buffet, but make sure all the details are in place. >> okay. >> so it doesn't have to be -- over the top fansy. >> you could have pizza and
8:54 am
beer it's nice to eat on fine china. >> okay. fortip have excellent food and beverage. we are finding more and more that our guest want something simple so when you are in your home, don't worry about doing something that's necessary new and different. do something that you're comfortable with, maybe a signature dish, maybe a dish that your caterer has prepared for you to be your new signature dish. >> and your fifty and final which is something that's going to help you enjoy your own party is what? >> the most important thing is to have enough service so that you can enjoy yourself at your own party, mingle with your guest, make them feel comfortable in your own home. >> all right. really quickly the numbers on the screen. to get more information about larry and came owe catering. >> you can go to our website and see this information again.
8:55 am
we'll be right back with ,,,,,,,
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temperatures in the 70. you know we were mentioning came owe catering. you can go to our website, you can see this whole segment again and information on how to get in touch with cameo. >> we've got your best stuff, right? >> enjoy the holidays. >> that's our report. >> i'm tim williams. join us tonight. we'll see you next saturday at ,
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